Blessings to Humanity

5 November, 2018.

“Please help us…we were riding down this road on our scooty and then a white sedan came speeding along the way. The driver wasn’t keeping it straight…maybe was drunk. It came at full throttle and hit our scooter from behind. My daughter is badly injured and is bleeding. I, myself was badly hurt from the impact so, we couldn’t check it’s licence plate. I think the driver was shocked by the accident and fled from here to avoid trouble. Please help us get to a hospital nearby..our scooty is in bad shape.”

Sameer was totally taken aback. He had never been in such a situation. He was just driving his tempo to his home but, today he decided to take the other route. Because the regular one was jammed from the festive traffic. Above all, it was Diwali – the most celebrated festival of India.

“Okay…you can get in the back of my tempo with your daughter. I’ll take you to the City Hospital as fast as possible.” Sameer agreed to take the lady and his five-year old daughter (he came to know when he asked the lady) to the hospital. He thought that it was the best thing to do at the moment. Being never stuck in such a situation, he didn’t like to refuse the lady. By the way, the lady was looking sophisticated and nothing like a cheat. Also, he thought that the women were really vulnerable on the lonely street.

Sameer opened the back door of his tempo and helped the woman carry her unconscious daughter. The lady gave Sameer her bag so that she could pick her daughter in her arms. When both of them got inside the tempo, Sameer closed the door. He got into the driving seat and started the tempo. He was rather fatigued and was palpitating. He could have easily refused the woman and would have gone back home. Still, he thought what he did was right…

The tempo took a turn and swirled toward a tall building. On the top was written in huge letters: City Hospital. Sameer parked the tempo in the parking lot and jumped out to open the back door. He was impatient to get the women to the doctors. At that hour of the day, there were celebrations everywhere; except in the hospital. When he opened the backdoor, he couldn’t believe his eyes; the tempo was empty …!

6 November, 2018.

The next morning, Sameer was up early. He was baffled by last night’s occurrences. He freshened up and was ready to leave for his morning tea at the Dhaba. His wife and children were still sleeping on the floor. He was upset to not having given any gifts to his children in the festival. He knew that his children never demanded anything, but still he always felt the need of money to keep them happy.

He was headed towards the Singh Dhaba for his morning tea and snacks. ” Good morning Sammeer! Woke up too early today? What’s so special? ” It was the morning greeting of the Dhaba owner. ” Couldn’t get some good sleep, buddy. Had plenty of nightmares.” Sameer sighed. He knew that he shouldn’t share the previous night’s happenings with anyone. He took the local newspaper and began reading the headlines, while taking a sip of his Adhrak Chai. The headlines read : Dead body of a woman and her five-year old daughter found stranded on the street.

For the second time in the past two days, Sameer couldn’t believe his eyes. When he read further, he found out that the people reported to the news reporter that the lady had been pleading to them to save her daughter. They also reported that they thought that the lady was setting a trap to poor them.

Sameer was so puzzled that he read the article three times but couldn’t understand anything. He went straight to his tempo and decided to start his work. He thought that last night’s incidents were just his imagination. How could the women get out of the tempo when the door was locked? And if he took the ladies to the hospital, how were their dead bodies found on the street where he had found them? The questions seemed to have no answers.

Just as he was getting started, an envelope fell from the adjacent seat of his tempo. He picked it up and remembered that he had taken it from the lady when she was carrying her daughter. He quickly opened it and found a letter. It read:

” Dear Mister Sameer,

I m feeling overwhelmed to thank you for showing your utmost gratitude by helping me and my daughter by taking us to the hospital. I must tell you that last night, I had been crying for help for 4 hours, lying on that street. While a lot of people came up from that street, they ignored me. They heard my shrill cries, but never stopped to help us. It was only you who helped us. We were actually dead an hour before you found us. You actually found our souls. We were never there and so, we never got to the hospital. It was only our souls. But your Humanity and caring nature would surely be rewarded. Because you are one in a thousand, who left the festive bliss and helped a complete stranger, showing that there is still Humanity left in this world and that good-natured people will never leave this earth. Thank you again. May God Bless you…..

– Two happy souls from heaven

Sameer smiled as he read this letter, seventeen years later. Relaxing in his chair, he looked out of the window of a lavish house in Chandigarh. A settled job as the personal assistant of an affluent man, a happy and content family and a personal room in one of the most desired houses of Chandigarh were really a form of blessings for Sameer…

Humanity is always rewarded; be it in any form.


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