Part 1: Why I married a cancer patient?

The bell rang. Tim took his notes and left the class, running as swiftly as he could. He had to go somewhere, and it was urgent. He had a nice and calm lecture with Mr. Lucas today, though it didn’t happen everyday. It was always Mr. Lucas dominating Tim and showing him that no one could ever have more knowledge than him. He did not especially appreciate Tim’s memory. Because he would also remember how Mr. Lucas dashed into the science lab thinking that it was a washroom on his first day at MIT.

However, Tim was busy in searching for Mr. Tyler, his most favourite professor. He had to talk about the modifications in one of his astro-physical projects with him. He spent some time discussing about the various possibilities, he could add to his invention and how he would transform the machine into an astro-physical wonder.

Tim was really tired after attending all his exhausting lectures. He liked it at MIT – at least, his dream of joining it someday had been fulfilled. And there he was now, sitting under the oak tree in the grass floored lawn of the campus, biting into his ham sandwich. He could not believe that he had already spent 4 months at the institution. As a child, he would always tell his parents how badly he wanted to joint the MIT, when he would grow older. Well, most of the children do say the same thing to their parents. But, when Tim’s parents checked the results and realised that he was the brightest kid in the whole of Ohio, they took the case in their hands. Tim’s brilliance and some fees, was all that was needed for Tim to study in the MIT.

He ate his sandwich, drank some hot coffee and got up to walk into the library. He would usually sit there for 3-4 hours, studying his notes and recollecting everything he had learnt that day. The library would be almost empty, most of the time, because all other students went somewhere else to hang out and to “cool themselves off.”

The librarian would always look curiously at Tim, and would smile the instant Tim noticed him. He would always wonder how a 21 year old boy could be so much interested in studies. Tim was obviously the star of the institute, thanks to his outstanding academic performance and also to his well trained figure. He had been going to the gym since 17 and had now turned himself into a handsome well-groomed lad.

As he was turning the page of his textbook, he saw a girl sitting a few seats away from him. She was fair and pretty and the glow on the cheeks added to her beauty. She was busy in reading something and her blonde hair was ailing her.

She did not seem to notice anything around her and was concentrated. Tim wondered if he could talk to her and make her his friend. He got up from his chair and moved towards her. He took the seat beside her and said a warm “Hello.”

The girl looked up, smiled and greeted Tim. He asked her whether she was new there and she shook her head. From their conversation, Tim came to know that her name was Hannah, and she came from Boston to study Health Sciences. She seemed to be delighted in talking with Tim. Maybe, she liked him. But, Tim was purely attracted towards her. It wasn’t that he didn’t have much female fans, but he found something different in this girl. She wasn’t as affluent as him, but her simplicity charmed Tim.

Three more weeks had passed like anything in Tim’s life. His studies continued, he won quizzes and he was assured that after he got his degree, he would get a number of offers from reputed companies and institutes. His life was almost set, and yeah he had one more reason to his joy – Hannah.

Both of them had become real good friends. From their library studies and their cafeteria meets to their late night calls and giggles, everything had changed. Their friendship straightened and they helped each other, whenever they could. Both of them liked each other. But, responsibility and simplicity barred them from expressing their love. Besides, Tim had to prepare for his upcoming ventures and Hannah had to fulfil her single mother’s dreams. How could they tell each other about how they felt together?

Tim’s life was not that simple for too long. He had to straighten things and had to work harder to achieve big. Would he be able to meet Hannah anytime in the rest of his life? What would happen after he would pass out of MIT? Would Hannah remember him? His extravagant nature had always held him from making better choices. But his life was soon going to be changed.

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