Part 2: Why I married a cancer patient?

“Sir, I would like to inform you that you have been added in the list of 100 Most Influential People of the World by Forbes, this time. Congratulations, Sir!”

“Oh, thanks Jarvis. We can throw a grand party for the celebrations, right? So, I give you the responsibility to manage all the arrangements, and invite all my hollywood and footballer friends and off course, don’t forget to call Ronaldinho. He was waiting for our invitations last time….”

Yes, this is the early morning conversation between Tim, sorry – Mr. Tim Harrington, and his servant, Jarvis. You might be thinking that Tim was in studying in the MIT in the last part- and suddenly he is in the headlines! Well, folks this really is the continuation of the first part, the only change is that the story has taken a leap of seven long years. Yes, it is seven years of Tim’s hard work, intelligence and struggle which transformed him into a multi-billionaire, the owner of Cosmic Probe Inc. He achieved success at a young age and in mere 2 years, grabbed the headlines across the world. His inventions and observations revealed some deep facts of the Universe.

His struggles had left him, but not his spendthrift nature. He exploited his money on luxuries, cars, cliff-facing bungalows and parties. He believed that all of his earnings were the result of his hard work, so what’s the need of spending this money on others. Life was at it’s own pace, and probably at it’s peak. So, why worry?

There was something more than Tim’s extravagance to which he was stuck. And it was his love for Hannah. The same sincere and dedicated friend of Tim at the MIT. He had managed to stay in contact with her and they were sharing all the events of their life constantly since the time they had passed MIT.

An ocean blue BMW entered into the driveway of Hannah’s house. It was her dream home, which she had built along with some help from Tim. He wanted to gift it to her, but she insisted that she wanted to pay some amount all by herself. Hannah had performed well in her field and she stood high in her mother’s eyes. After all, though she was brought up by a single mother, she managed to live up to her dreams.

“Oh, welcome dear…how are you darling? Are you taking much stress? I remember the last time I saw you, you were a total chubby champ!”

“Oh, Mrs. Woods you are looking so pretty today! I wish I would have met you when you were young. And talking about me, well this isn’t stress, this is just some excessive partying.”

Mrs. Woods blushed at her compliment. She was always happy in Tim’s jocund company. She welcomed him home and asked him whether he wanted any refreshments. Tim shook his head and headed straight upwards. Hannah came down at the same moment and bumped into Tim. She looked up, smiled and hugged Tim tightly. Both of them had stayed together in their difficult times as well as joyful ones. Their friendship had not broken, instead it was strengthened.

Tim, Hannah and Mrs. Woods had a lunch of barbequed ham patties burger with cheese inside, some helpings of potato salad, fresh and cold peach ice cream and a lot of talks and giggles. Tim had never seen a lady- whose drunkard husband had left her- so happy and enjoyable.

After their lunch, Tim walked in the small grass lawn in front of the house. Hannah was sitting on a comfortable swing in the garden, humming a pleasant tune. Mrs. Woods was in the living room taking a small nap on the sofa. Tim walked to and fro and sometimes walked up to Hannah, but hesitated. She knew that Tim was up to something. His mind was racing through something but he couldn’t speak up.

“Tim, don’t you have a girlfriend? I mean it’s so much time now, you are 28, you are a billionaire, girls are going crazy to marry you, so do you like someone?”

Tim shrugged. Now he could delay no longer. He realised that the time had come. He slid his hand into his jeans pocket, took out a small red box and knelt upon his knee. He opened his heart up and asked Hannah,”Will you like to spend the rest of your life with me, as my wife?”

Hannah was flabbergasted. She stood up, surprised and smiled like anything. She was not interested in the platinum ring with a diamond solitaire – but she loved the way Tim proposed her. She never knew that Tim considered her to be something more than a best friend. Smiling and crying at the same time, she said,” Yes….Yess

“I still can’t believe that I am marrying the girl of my dreams, Hannah,” Tim said.

Our story takes a leap of six months, when Tim announced on Instagram and Twitter that he had finally met his dream girl. There was a buzz everywhere – fans cheered and congratulated the couple, paparazzi struggled to discover the latest news and the hollywood stars and Tim’s close friends had a big surprise. Everyone considered Hannah to be the luckiest lady on the planet.

“I, myself cannot imagine that I am marrying my university mate and my best friend. This moment is truly amazing.” Hannah exclaimed as she was standing beside Tim, watching the decoraters arrange the place for their grand marriage. The stage had been set, the invitations were sent, the caterers were arranged, wedding dresses were designed, gifts were bought, and the happiest person present there was Mrs. Wood.

“It’s really good to know that finally you are going to get a partner, who is going to stay with you for the rest of your life and who is going to share her dreams with you.” Tim said as he watched the decorators, bringing in the white lilies.

” Are you excited for this, Hannah?”

No reply. Tim looked at his side, and then turned to see Hannah running towards the rest-house.

“Hannah! What’s the matter? Where are you going?” Tim followed her into the rest-house.

He entered into the bungalow and walked down the corridor. He tensed up and his heart was beating louder than he could imagine. The run from the wedding stage to the rest-house suddenly became longer. He turned left and opened the door of the washroom. There, he saw Hannah, tense and troubled, standing in front of the sink, vomiting into the sink. But something was strange – she was vomiting blood.

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