Part 3: Why I married a cancer patient?

“It is an acute case of Stage III adenocarcinoma. general terms, it is Stomach Cancer.”

Both Tim and Hannah stared at each other.

“See, I am not trying to scare you, but it is extremely serious. Surgeries and medications are to be started soon….See, Hannah you will have to be strong. Keep your will power high and the doctors will do their best.”

“I told you don’t take me to the doc…they always show up some big disease. I was better at home….I hate these men.” Hannah said as they walked out of the doctor’s cabin.

Tim was silent throughout their conversation with the doc. He was in a situation where he had to choose between such tough paths, which would change his life completely.

“Didn’t you ever realise that you should have told me about this thing earlier? I mean…we have been buddies since ages, and you never cared to tell me about this.” Tim exploded in anger, which was obviously out of concern.

“I have told you a million times, that I never imagined even in my wildest nightmare that I would become a cancer victim. C’mon now, let’s take a sip of strong espresso and you’ll feel better.” Hannah suggested as she held Tim’s hand into hers.

Let’s take a general peek into Tim’s present status. His fiancee, Hannah was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer of Stage III. The doctors had strongly said that her will power and determination, along with most wonders of medical treatment would be able to cure her. However, they had warned Tim secretly that Hannah would only live up to more three to five years with her ailment.

Hannah was always a jolly person, with a strong heart to take over tough endurance of life.

Tim, however was baffled. There were only five days remaining for their marriage and such a shock had completely thrown Tim into dismay.

He had two choices – either cancel his wedding with Hannah and forget her completely….or marry her and face the various advercities coming their way.

But, Tim had always been a weak-hearted man, who could never take the right decisions. His mind was rotating over appointing the best oncologists to treat Hannah and most importantly – cure her.

But this time, he took the right decision. He married Hannah in the same grandeur way. He never disclosed this secret about his wife with anyone. The smile which David Beckham, Will Smith and many others saw on his face on the wedding day, was hiding a big lump of pain within his chest.

It was the first session of Chemotherapy for Hannah. And Tim was more tensed than anyone. After the session, the doctor informed Tim that they have to perform a number of sessions to lessen the effect of the carcinogen.

Tim walked up to to Hannah’s bed and sat beside her, taking her hand into his. Hannah looked into his eyes. She wanted to tell something to him.” Don’t you worry darling, everything will be fine. Just believe in God and he’ll take care of everything.”

It was continuous support and love which Tim showed to Hannah in the next three years. Hannah, however was transformed by the monstrous carcinogen building up in her body. It had spread to many of her body parts now. A number of Chemotherapies, surgeries and medications had been performed upon her. Only if she would have informed someone about the symptoms, she could have been saved. Stage IV Stomach Cancer had ruined her identity, dreams and life.

She now lay on the bed of the hospital, thinking about her last moments. She remembered how she used to flaunt her blonde hair in college – and now, she was bald.

She had a lovely face which people said, was the prettiest in her heredity. And there, she laid with her face covered with wrinkles and small tubes, running from her nose to weird machines. She had a loving and happy mother, who now sat in a chair beside her, with a worried face. And she had the best husband she could ever ask for, who now stared into her eyes, pushing back his tears.

She had a lot to see in the world. At an age of 31, she had seen nothing. But there she was now, finally leaving this world and her loved ones. Her mother had told her that, when she was born, she never cried….. And the same thing she did, as she left behind everything.

Weeks later, the emotionless, stone-hearted paparazzi struggled to get an interview of Tim, who had lost his wife. This news had spread like forest fire, over the entire world.

They mainly wanted to ask only one question : Why did he marry a cancer patient?

But, Tim had made their work simpler. Because a few days later, he called the CEO of Ted Talks and fixed a shooting appointment with them. He wanted to answer the world of this question.

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